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September Update

  What changes have happened in your life?   As Summer officially winds down and we move closer to the start of Fall, we wanted to take a moment to talk about change. It may sound cliche, but seasons and leaves aren’t the only things that change.  What things changed in your life this summer? Perhaps… Continue reading September Update

Insurance Basics for College Students

A group of five university students move into their shared flat , and start to unpack boxes. they all stand and pose for the camera.

  A message from ‘michael‘   Hello again – today I’m here to talk to you about putting the right insurance in place for your child before they head off to college.  Please listen to my short message and then continue reading to see our important insurance checklist.  [you can click here to watch the… Continue reading Insurance Basics for College Students

Do You Need Flood Insurance?

Every property owner is susceptible to flood damage and your current insurance probably doesn’t cover it.   Yes, that sounds like a bold statement, but it’s also a fact. Unfortunately, many people are uninformed about flood risks. They think a flood won’t happen to them or they just feel that flood insurance isn’t worth it.… Continue reading Do You Need Flood Insurance?

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