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The importance of an Annual Insurance Review

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    It’s Time for Your Annual Checkup   A new year is here and, it’s hard to believe but we are already inching closer to February!  Whether you set new year resolutions, intentions, or affirmations, it is a great time to review your insurance policies. Life happens, things change, and it’s important to make sure… Continue reading The importance of an Annual Insurance Review

Tips for Home Safety

    9 Tips to Keep You and Your Family Safe   Your home is one of your most valuable possessions, along with everything inside it.  Ensuring the safety of your home can seem overwhelming. Like most daunting tasks, this too can be broken down into small parts. As you address each part, you will… Continue reading Tips for Home Safety

Catalytic Converter Theft

    Catalytic Converter Theft   Catalytic converter theft has exploded – since 2019, converter theft has risen 1,215%, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, an industry group that tracks insurance-related crimes. Thieves are removing catalytic converters from all kinds of vehicles, literally cutting them away from beneath the vehicle.  A catalytic converter is a… Continue reading Catalytic Converter Theft

Home Maintenance Tips: Autumn Edition

    Autumn Home Maintenance   Fall is in the air. The days are getting shorter, the leaves are changes colors and the temperature is feeling a little cooler. It is time to prepare your home for cold weather!  Here’s a checklist of some important autumn home maintenance tasks you should think about:   Clean,… Continue reading Home Maintenance Tips: Autumn Edition

September Update

  What changes have happened in your life?   As Summer officially winds down and we move closer to the start of Fall, we wanted to take a moment to talk about change. It may sound cliche, but seasons and leaves aren’t the only things that change.  What things changed in your life this summer? Perhaps… Continue reading September Update

Insurance Basics for College Students

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  A message from ‘michael‘   Hello again – today I’m here to talk to you about putting the right insurance in place for your child before they head off to college.  Please listen to my short message and then continue reading to see our important insurance checklist.  [you can click here to watch the… Continue reading Insurance Basics for College Students

Finding New Ways to Stay Connected

    Wow, this summer is going so fast! It’s hard to believe the calendar has flipped to August! I hope you’ve been enjoying your summer and that you have been out and about, spending time with family and friends. A lot has been happening at Silver Lining these past few months. It’s been an exciting, and… Continue reading Finding New Ways to Stay Connected

Pool Safety Tips

    Raise your hand if you are looking forward to the longer and warmer days of summer! It is nice to shed our jackets and sweaters and trade them in for shorts and bathing suits. We are definitely ready to enjoy some fun in the sun.   One of the most popular summertime activities… Continue reading Pool Safety Tips

Let’s Stay in Touch

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      We admit it, we love our clients! Without you, there would be no “us.” That’s why you can always count on us to give you our best when it comes to service, support, and advice.  Our commitment to superior customer engagement enables us to stand apart from other agencies. Our team is knowledgeable… Continue reading Let’s Stay in Touch

Silver Lining Insurance Agency Named A Top Personal Insurance Agency By Chubb

Silver Lining Insurance Agency is proud to announce it has been recognized by Chubb as a Personal Lines Cornerstone Agency, joining an elite class of insurance agencies nationwide.    Of the approximately 2,300 personal lines insurance agencies and brokerages that work with Chubb North America Risk Services, fewer than 12 percent earn the Cornerstone designation.… Continue reading Silver Lining Insurance Agency Named A Top Personal Insurance Agency By Chubb

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