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The year 2023 continues to bring us unexpected opportunities and challenges. If I can help you with your finances, please contact me.


Debt Ceiling: Here’s What You Should Know As Threat Of Default Looms

If Congress fails to resolve the issue of the debt ceiling before early June, the government will no longer be able to borrow money to pay all its bills in full and on time. How could that affect you?

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How Much Money Do I Need To Live Entirely Off Dividends? Here’s How To Figure Out The Lowest Amount You Need To Make It Work

Retirement presents various financial scenarios, including living on investment dividends, taking a reverse mortgage, or moving to a low-cost area. The question is whether it’s possible for those who are not wealthy to live on investment dividends, and the answer depends on retirement plans and lifestyle choices. Several guidelines can help determine the right savings balance for each person.

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Need An Estate Planning Checkup? Now Is The Perfect Time

An appointment with your estate planning attorney can address any holes that have developed and ensure everything is in place.

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Here’s Who Can Claim The Home Office Deduction On This Year’s Taxes

Remote work was an option for 10.6% of workers in 2022, with higher percentages among tech, legal and other occupations, according to a December report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you worked from home in 2022, you may be wondering if you qualify for the home office deduction, which offers a tax break for part of your home expenses.

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