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Events in the world and the U.S. economy are leading many people to revisit their financial situation. Please contact me if you would like to discuss your finances.


3 Strategies For Reducing Tax Risks In Retirement

Don’t let taxes surprise you during retirement. The funds you’ve saved for your post-work life may be taxed, too, unless you carefully plan.

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When Do Living Trusts Make Sense?

A trust can solve a lot of problems. But like all tools, it can also be misused. There are plenty of opportunities to make costly mistakes, particularly when transferring your assets to a trust.

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How Long Do You Need To Keep Tax Documents?

Come tax time, money expert Clark Howard says he always gets questions about how long you should keep tax-related documents. This article discusses how long to keep your tax documents and why, according to Clark.

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This Is The Most Profitable Home Improvement—Can You Guess What It Is?

The most profitable improvement homeowners can make to boost their resale value isn’t as sexy as a kitchen with marble counters and stainless-steel appliances or as fun as a backyard pool or hot tub. Instead, the work that pays off the most is far less exciting.

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