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Hurricane Preparedness




Did you know hurricanes can strike far beyond the coast? When a hurricane moves inland, they’re called tropical storms, and they can be just as destructive.


Whatever they’re called when they hit, these storms can cause serious injury and extensive property damage. Hurricane season in the U.S. is June 1-November 30, but hurricanes can happen before or after those dates, too. Here are important steps you can take before, during, and after hurricanes to stay safer and protect your property.


Before Hurricane Season Starts:

  • Create a safety plan and know your potential evacuation routes
  • Set a meeting spot in case you get separated
  • Know your local emergency shelters and which accept pets if needed
  • Trim limbs above structures and clear gutters
  • Fill your car with gas in case you need to evacuate quickly
  • Pack an easy‑to‑carry emergency bag with essential items you may need
  • If you can’t physically evacuate, contact neighbors or authorities to plan


SLIA is here to help! If you’ve experienced property damage or need assistance deciding if or how to file a claim, please reach out to us at 212.701.7938.

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