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How Much Do Americans Spend Daily in Retirement?




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The volatility of events at home and abroad may not necessarily call for a change in financial strategy. However, it might suggest reviewing your strategies to be sure they minimize the risk to your savings and investments. Please reach out if you feel I can help you with such a review.


What’s Going On With Social Security — And How Concerned Should You Be?

Decades of economic shifts have quietly eroded the foundation of Social Security. Will future retirees have to rely more on savings, work longer, or accept drastically reduced benefits?

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Can You Afford To Retire? Here’s How Much Americans Spend Daily In Retirement

The average retiree spends over $52,000 per year, but the median income is only $47,620! What does this mean for how comfortable you’ll be in retirement?

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What The Big Realtors Settlement Means For Home Buyers And Sellers

Real estate negotiations may become more complex as a landmark agreement impacts how agents are paid. Are you prepared for potential shifts in the home buying and selling process?

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The Pros And Cons Of Taking Out A 401(k) Loan

A 401(k) loan might feel like “free money,” but it could cost you big in the long run. Discover the hidden drawbacks and why exhausting other options first is crucial.

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