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Paying for College

      This month, my newsletter explores the following topics: How to determine your new 2023 tax brackets When a 401(k) loan actually makes sense What to know about FDIC’s Deposit Insurance Fund How to pay for college without loans   Events in the economy call our attention to our finances nearly every day.… Continue reading Paying for College

It’s Time for an Estate Planning Checkup

      This month, my newsletter explores the following topics: What the debt ceiling could mean for you How much you need to live off dividends When to get an estate planning checkup Can you claim home office deductions on taxes?   The year 2023 continues to bring us unexpected opportunities and challenges. If… Continue reading It’s Time for an Estate Planning Checkup

Charitable Giving Strategies

      This month, my newsletter explores the following topics: IRS delays new 1099-K reporting on payment apps Congress passes new retirement rules Five tax-smart charitable giving strategies for retirees Is 2023 finally the year for home-buying?   Volatility in the markets and the economy raises many questions. Please contact me if you would… Continue reading Charitable Giving Strategies

The importance of an Annual Insurance Review

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    It’s Time for Your Annual Checkup   A new year is here and, it’s hard to believe but we are already inching closer to February!  Whether you set new year resolutions, intentions, or affirmations, it is a great time to review your insurance policies. Life happens, things change, and it’s important to make sure… Continue reading The importance of an Annual Insurance Review

Monthly Savings Hacks

      This month, my newsletter explores the following topics: Five ways to tell we are in a recession How twelve types of retirement income get taxed Avoid these common mistakes to make money Save on monthly home costs with these hacks   As we start a new year, we prepare to make it… Continue reading Monthly Savings Hacks

Seasons Greetings from Silver Lining








A New Year’s Message From Michael M. Silverman, CLU, ChFC, CIC

President & Ceo | Silver Lining Insurance Agency, Inc.


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In just one year, a lot can change in your life. Perhaps you bought a new car or house, changed careers or retired, got married, or had a child or a grandchild come into your life.  We don’t always think about our insurance needs during these exciting times, but failure to make updates to your policies when your life situation changes can lead to gaps in coverage. That’s why we recommend an annual insurance review.  Once a year, let’s spend a few moments together to make sure you have the correct coverages in place for you and your family. You do not want to keep coverages that you no longer need, and you especially do not want to be unaware that you’re not covered enough! Life changes and insurance changes go hand-in-hand.



Give us a call and we can schedule some time to talk. We look forward to answering your questions and putting the proper protections in place to safeguard you, your family, and your business.


With our best wishes for a happy, healthy & prosperous New Year!


Should You Refinance?

Allowance alimony getting bonus paid pay raise

      This month, my newsletter explores the following topics: Is It Still OK To Refinance Your Home? Tax Traps Investors Need to Avoid Things that will help reduce the sting of high inflation 401(k) and IRA contribution limits for 2023   As 2022 comes to a close, thoughts turn to 2023 and how… Continue reading Should You Refinance?

Tips for Home Safety

    9 Tips to Keep You and Your Family Safe   Your home is one of your most valuable possessions, along with everything inside it.  Ensuring the safety of your home can seem overwhelming. Like most daunting tasks, this too can be broken down into small parts. As you address each part, you will… Continue reading Tips for Home Safety

Student Loan Relief Applications

      This month, my newsletter explores the following topics: Common and costly Roth IRA conversion mistakes Home prices are expected to fall How inflation may affect your 2023 tax bracket What to know about student loan relief applications   The year-end will be here before we know it, so please get in touch… Continue reading Student Loan Relief Applications

Catalytic Converter Theft

    Catalytic Converter Theft   Catalytic converter theft has exploded – since 2019, converter theft has risen 1,215%, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, an industry group that tracks insurance-related crimes. Thieves are removing catalytic converters from all kinds of vehicles, literally cutting them away from beneath the vehicle.  A catalytic converter is a… Continue reading Catalytic Converter Theft

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